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Thrillin’ after Chillin’

I’ve done a lot of celebrating since the release of Dear Eve...friends and family surprised me with a night out the day after it was officially released, a few weeks later they dazzled me with an official release party, and then last week I took to the skies and jumped out of an airplane at 10,000 feet (with a tandem instructor, of course). Skydiving was something I’ve always wanted to do and when the opportunity presented itself, thanks to a birthday gift from my sister, I decided to plan the adventure as a reward for completing my first book. I held onto my birthday gift for three months and used it as incentive to finish the publishing process.

It was an 8-minute thrill to offset the 8 years of procrastination but I have no regrets for either timespan... both were amazing feats regardless of their lengthy or accelerated durations.