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Living in a state of tyranny

It'll be a challenge (and out of character) but I'm going to try and express myself without using expletives in this post. This won't be an easy task because I'm frustrated and ready to revolt against the tyranny currently governing my life. Some of you are more compassionate in regards to this situation and will vehemently disagree with me, some will quietly be offended and lose any respect you may have had for me, and know who you are... will admit to your own level of animosity and boldly reveal how you've refused to comply with the same unfair demands imposed upon us.

Regardless of where you side in this debate, we've likely had one thing in common... reaching a point of exhaustion and asking, "When will it end?" That's a fair question when there is no end in sight and we have no control or influence over the one making decisions. I don't know about you but I have felt like a hostage during this time. My days in captivity are spent pleading with a dictator who refuses to release me from a daily task impacting the wallets of people I love.

Ok, I'll get straight to the point because I'm sensing some of you are itching to argue, defend, advocate, etc. and I welcome it all! The purpose of this post was to convey, "Potty training is a bitch!" (oops, non-expletive challenge failed) faux apologies if you thought this post was going in a political or pandemic related direction.

I have 2 grandchildren currently being encouraged to embrace life without diapers and they're being stubborn little... (insert your own expletive here, I can't bring myself to do it, I love the little buggers) I have the pleasure of spending time with both each week and find myself pleading with them... ok, nagging... to use the potty. My first attempt is delivered as a suggestion, my second involves a bribe and my third can take the form of a threat or theatrical display of despair, it depends on how many battles I've lost or won that day. These adorable diaper-clad dictators refuse to release their parents from the financial burden of butt garments and wipes. Disagree if you like, but toddlers are tyrants who hold us hostage with their unwillingness to cooperate and then make demands for snacks (or other things we threaten to withhold if they don't use the potty.) I don't know when my diaper changing duties will end, but I am certain they will.

Do I need to be so dramatic in a post about the aggravations of potty training? Probably not... but it sure is fun to be falsely impassioned about something silly and make you think I was actually foolish enough to incite a debate on politics and ethics.

(This post was inspired by a similar situation with a "former toddler" who experienced potty-refusal during an election year. That story follows and was featured approximately 7 years ago. He is now 10 years old and has long been potty-compliant... there is hope for current toddlers in my life)

Ok, I’ve got to get something off my itty bitty chest. What I’m about to say will be viewed as offensive to some. There will be those of you who don’t want to hear it, and there will be others that will support me and even cheer along with me. I’ve sat back and listened to his empty promises…saying he was going to do it, and then failing, even refusing to make it happen when he was clearly given the opportunity. He had a plan, but refused to put it into action. Sure there were other factors involved…there were obstacles, he didn’t have the right people in place to help him fulfill his promises, and sometimes he was just more passionate about other things and it wasn’t a priority for him. It would be a great accomplishment, a very important decision-one he could feel very good about, but also very scary as he’ll be expected to maintain this level of commitment and proactivity. I have faith in him still, he WILL get it right. And TODAY, he did…my grandson pooped on the potty!!! If talking about poop on FB offends you, I apologize, unfriend me because I won’t be silenced!! I will proudly stand behind him. (literally, because I’ll likely have to wipe his little butt until he masters that as well)