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It ain’t Shakespeare, but there’s much ado about something in Dear Eve

Friends, Romans, Country(wo)men... Mid-lifers, Empty-nesters, Matrimonally-discontents… lend me your ears (well, “lend me your eyes” would be more appropriate in this altered Shakespearean quote because Dear Eve is a book... although an audio version is under consideration) 

Why read this book? ...because seduction isn’t a game only played by billionaire men and naive college coeds, and romance isn’t reserved only for newlyweds or fledgling lovers. 

Temptations challenge every age and income bracket, and seeking thrills is necessary for a life well-lived. 

Dear Eve is a story relatable to many. You will recognize the course of traditional life events--marriage, starting a family, death of an elderly parent... and you will identify with the complacency and discontent as that life progresses--midlife crisis, empty nest syndrome, the urge to reinvent or claim a new identity. 

It’s a tale as old as time… hence the correlation to biblical character, Eve. 

“Mischief, thou art afoot. Take thou what course thou wilt." … Mark Antony (unaltered this time)