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I'm Smarter than I look, but I must confess to being dumb too (or is it, two?)

I just returned from a glorious vacation in Cancun. The weather was perfect, the service at the resort was excellent and my traveling companions were of the finest caliber. Among the various activities offered throughout the resort, we found Jenga to be most entertaining. (Not really "most" entertaining but a useful distraction while waiting for the night club to open)

Some previous guests added an element of challenge to the game by scribbling directives onto the Jenga blocks. There were several pieces inscribed with the phrase, "do a shot" and others ordering players to perform physical acts during their turn (like dancing, lewd gestures, etc.)

One particular block caught my attention because the inscription read, "dance like your Mexican." Hmmm. That statement implies possession and would be appropriate if I owned a Chihuahua with great rhythm.

I can only assume the author meant "you're" and that I should frolic around a festive sombrero. (because my ability is limited to the Mexican Hat Dance) The grammar-nazi in me wanted to correct the spelling but I forced myself to stand down and enjoy my vacation.

My reputation is that of a grammar-snob but if it makes anyone feel better, I'll admit to having my own struggles. There are words that still trip me up. I rely heavily on auto-correct to remind me if there are two C's or two S's in "occasion." (I guessed wrong when I typed it in that sentence)

Also, I create new expressions or phrases for words that challenge me. I don't know why the words "diarrhea" and "hemorrhoid" appear so often in my text communication but rather than struggle with the proper spelling (because sometimes even auto-correct avoids unpleasantries) I will write "butt vomit" or "ass barnacles" instead. It just saves some embarrassment for me.