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He said, She said, your Momma said

I have compassion for anyone experiencing gender dysphoria. It's not difficult to imagine the mental anguish and torture that must constantly consume someone who concludes they were born in the wrong body and I support escaping it by means of a mildly aesthetic transformation or complete transition to the opposite gender. My genuine hope is they find peace within their own mind and body and will live fully free in their new identity.

Disclaimer: I didn't always feel this way. There was a time in my life when I subscribed to a monotheistic belief system and interpreted that I was to abhor such things as transgender and homosexuality. My rationale was, "God doesn't make mistakes." Please notice my use of the word "interpret" was to convey that I take personal responsibility for having arrived at those intolerant conclusions when I was a person of faith, no one was demanding I adopt them to remain part of the church. I don't blame any belief system for my former stance or claim to be a victim of pastoral authority. How and why I abandoned my faith is a story for another time, I mention it here as evidence that my acceptance of others has evolved.

It appears the case for transgendered humans now includes different aspects, it's no longer adequate to be supportive of someone pursuing peace in their identity, I am also expected to alter my vocabulary by omitting certain pronouns and adding alternate gender classifications (31 according to the pic below but that number changes daily and on a whim). I have to accommodate every nuance of each individual case or risk being accused of intolerance and slapped with various phobe-derivative labels. There are too many facets of this issue to discuss in one sitting and based on what I've seen, civil debate will never happen again so I guess the only thing to ask is... when is it enough?

Today Nancy Pelosi proposed new rules for the House that strip all mention of gender-specific, woman, mother, son, etc. The idea is to be inclusive. I can appreciate that but again, when is it enough? Where does the inclusion effort end? When is it satisfied? When do we stop altering our behavior to appease those who alter their identity? (straight men are classified as bigots if they don't date trans women... it's considered "hate". How long until refusal to date a transhuman is punishable as a hate crime?)

Do we add new gender classifications to the Olympics? Women's Figure Skating, Men's Figure Skating, Trans Figure Skating, Non-binary Identifying as Figure Skaters...the possibilities are endless and my chances of medaling in the Olympics would greatly increase if I come up with another obscure and enforced classification.

(a list of acceptable gender-inclusive terms for the medical field)

Do we keep indulging this or do we draw the line? JP Sears, a comedian, posted a picture of himself with his newborn and joked about attempting to breastfeed the baby because as far as society is concerned, there is no biological difference in genders. I laughed but then had to question... what if JP identified as a female? What if he (and all the activists supporting him) vehemently demanded acknowledgment of his transition, enforcing the use of correct pronouns and societal norms when in his presence, and shamed anyone who didn't comply. And what if, in his quest for trans equality, he DID attempt to breastfeed his son? A hungry infant isn't going to indulge JP's belief in being female, he's going to scream until a biologically lactating female can meet his needs. Should JP and the activists be angry with and shame the baby for not accepting a transwoman? It's an extreme and unrealistic example, but so is requiring all of society to conform to your own world. I support transition for personal peace, I do not support imposing expected behaviors on the rest of society. Your peace should not come at the expense of my own.