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A triple play shouldn't lead to a home run but...

I'm still in denial about summer being over... she says while her current reality is being huddled in the corner of Panera Bread dressed like an Eskimo consuming lethal amounts of hot coffee. Ok, maybe it's not denial, it's more of a refusal. I keep deluding myself into thinking I'll be able to leave the house without a coat in a few days... like we're just experiencing a cold spell that will pass as quickly as a stomach bug.

I hate being cold... and I hate winter! There, I said it.

To combat these frigid conditions... and in the spirit of the upcoming feeding frenzy (Thanksgiving), I wanted to offer something for everyone. A triple play, a trifecta, a ménage à trois of sorts...

1. For the guys, I'd like to show some breast:

2. For the gals, a little phallic "porn"ucopia:

3. And for both teams, a discount on heating the house. I'm not suggesting a change in energy suppliers, I'm recommending an alternative fuel... the kind supplied within the pages of Dear Eve. Reading erotic romance is the perfect remedy to a cold night because it promotes friction... and friction is "the rubbing of the surface of one body against that of another." (and therein lies the "homerun")

Here is the discount...Dear Eve is available to Blondie's Briefs subscribers for $10.00 from 11/25 - 11/30. Simply subscribe and then order at the discount. Happy Thanksgiving, you Turkeys.