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Putting the "you" in "unique"

Erotic romance books have been done and done well. When I wrote “Dear Eve,” I had no unrealistic expectations for its success. I didn’t equate it to any top sellers nor have delusions about it rivaling cult classics. Grand success is fun to fantasize about but the true reward, for me, anyway, is being able to effectively communicate. If a reader can draw parallels between themself and a character in the story, I consider it a success.

This story took 8 years to complete. I’ve blamed “life” for causing that prolonged timeline… divorce, remarriage, career changes and the addition of four more grandhooligans. But the true root of the delay wasn't the sum of those events, it was fear! Not fear of failure, but fear of perception. I didn’t want others to view "Dear Eve" as a story that glorifies morally objectionable offenses, like adultery. Additionally, I hesitated because correlating the transgressions of the main character to the temptation faced by a biblical character may appear blasphemous.

Because of this fear, I had to genuinely assess my intentions in writing this story. I concluded my sincere goal was to create an account that was relatable, yet unique. I wanted to offer a vulnerable view into a familiar perspective - that of a discontent woman being bombarded with temptation and opportunity for change - and reinforce it by including Eve, an ancient example.

Infidelity and discontentment are not components in the life of every woman, but they do apply in the lives of many... with no respect to age, income bracket or status. “Dear Eve” may be a lame read for someone desiring a more lascivious tale because there isn’t fantasy or fetishes involved… no billionaire, no helicopter transportation, and no elaborate environments for toys. Instead, the appeal of this book is its ability to be relatable. The common reality shared between the reader and the main character causes a kinship that is comforting and reassuring.

My fear of anyone else's perception is gone, it departed along with my dignity. (that was a joke, my dignity is still fully intact and now fortified by overcoming my fears) Insults and criticisms will come, some will be outspoken and some will

be unspoken and I'm ok with that. Whether my book irritates or intrigues, it still produces a reaction... and for that reason, I profit.