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What's it about?

There's this adorable thing I do when someone asks, "What is your book about?"

Ok, it's not adorable, it's frightening and resembles a pirate with Bell's Palsy trying to say, "ARRR, Matey" because my face contorts and I begin speaking from one side of my mouth.

When I have to answer this question I become awkwardly bashful. For some reason it seems less scandalous if I don't fully enunciate words and only speak from half of my mouth. It's like my own personal disguise to wear when talking about "naughty" things. I've become quite skilled at communicating this way and can answer, "Erotica," without moving my lips. (Hmmm, perhaps I should be pursuing pornographic ventriloquism rather than this writing thing)

Anyway... the purpose of this post is to answer a recurring question, "What is my book about?" It's difficult to give an accurate synopsis in response because there are several answers.

Here is what I can say with certainty: it is a work of fiction that was tagged in the erotica genre.

I've posted previously about my own confusion and disbelief about it qualifying as "erotica." One of my close friends dubbed it "mommy porn" and I concur. I don't know that a definition exists for this term but it seems to capture the nature of my book.

I will offer an expanded description of Dear Eve in a later post, but in the spirit of being brief (because despite what you may think, "Blondie's Briefs" isn't a reference to her underwear, it simply means "short stories by Blondie") I will sum up my book by saying it is a relatable midlife tale containing erotic romance and humor that ends with a cliffhanger and demands a sequel.

I invite you to read, review and rate.

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