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When Dear Eve met 2FAST4U

We are 1 week post-release and I am still celebrating. I started writing "Dear Eve" in 2011... if you do the math, that's 8 years ago...8 YEARS! That's long enough to have witnessed 2 presidential elections (and we all know how painful that can be- enduring political ads, smear campaigns, incessant arguing on social media and the divisive fallout among family and friends as a result)

In my more immediate world it was long enough to get divorced, remarried and welcome 4 more grandchildren into my life. There was a lot going on in those 8 years but I should've been more focused and determined. I got in my own way of achieving a goal of authorship.

While I blame no one but myself for the delay, I do credit someone else for the accomplishment... my beloved and late friend, Michael T. March.

We were on this journey together, both of us writing books with hopes of publishing in the future. He was with me the entire 8 years, encouraging and challenging me. In 2013 he entrusted me with a copy of his raw manuscript. His book was to be more of a memoir, retelling actual events and experiences from his life. I read it and we discussed the contents often, but he, like me, allowed life and adventures to postpone the ultimate goal of authorship. Mike had fabulous expectations about the success of his book and made me promise to get it published if something prevented him from doing it himself.

I had to make good on that promise when he was killed in a motorcycle accident on October 25th, 2018. The loss of this spirited and talented man was devastating to many.

On May 1st, 2019, after several rounds of polishing and editing, Mike's book was released. My role was to gather and recruit the right people to fulfill his dream. His legacy continues thanks his family and friends.

I wish it hadn't taken this tragedy to inspire me to finish my own book and I wish he was here to celebrate with me. The sad reality is: if I hadn't been involved in the process of getting his book published, I never would've completed mine. If he hadn't trusted me to carry out his dream, I never would've realized my own. The whole task of writing and publishing was intimidating but my pact with Mike trumped my fears. I will be forever indebted to him. This personal satisfaction of a goal achieved, is 100% credited to my dear friend and legend, Mr. Michael T. March. I love you and miss you, ass barnacle.

Mike with his manuscript

His message telling me how he envisioned his book cover

just proof of our "terms of endearment" for each other

The day he entrusted his book to me

a personal note he wrote on the back of the manuscript that became very relevant and special to me

Brassie and Michael T