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And now an addendum to Dear Eve..

I received a “Dear Eve” review via telephone today from someone who was en route to an emergency eye doctor appointment. She stated she loved the book, couldn’t put it down and read relentlessly despite her corneal abrasion becoming troublesome and unbearable.

And now an addendum to Dear Eve..


1. Disclaimer: Brassie Kinson assumes no responsibility for ocular trauma or liability associated with medical costs or loss of income while seeking treatment. 😬 (to be fair, the corneal abrasion was a preexisting condition not caused by reading but this is a litigious world and well, this was too funny NOT to share)

2. Warning: binge reading may compromise ocular health. Please practice safe reading-wear protection (spectacles, I mean, if necessary) hydrate often and remain vigilant about regular visits with your optometrist, ophthalmologist or whatever “ist” would apply in this faux warning label. (Side note...The reader who made this warning necessary finished the book before seeking medical attention. Some things are worth suffering for 😉)