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So I wrote a book...

In case you haven't heard, I wrote a book.

It's a torrid tale of love and lust, a work of fiction inspired by non-fictitious events. Please note my use of the words "inspired by"...that means in the book they were excessively exaggerated because mundane isn't alluring, naughty is.

"What kind of book is it?" you ask... well, that depends on what you consider romance, comedy, erotica, mid-life crisis, and blasphemous. It combines a little bit of each to varying degrees. It was immediately tagged as "erotica" but there are sections dedicated to developing each character between the spicy pages.

I decided to write under a pen name (Brassie Kinson) to prevent a scandal when I run for president. #Blondie2020MakingBlondeGreatAgain. Actually, the purpose of the pen name was to expand my my brand...Blonde, Brass, and other shades of counterfeit hair colors I've tried. Ok, that's not it either. I went with a pen name to spare my family some embarrassment. My hope is that it will prevent them from disowning me.

Now that we established a motive, I can tell you the name of my book. It's called, "Dear Eve." The title is based on the story's correlation between two cases of ancient and one modern... both involving a women's battle between desire and discontent.

Anyway...if Blondie's Briefs doesn't allow enough exposure to the depravity inside my simple mind, I invite you to read my book. It's available on Amazon in both E and paperback formats at Reviews are encouraged and appreciated.

I've also updated this page with links to Brassie's social media pages-Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please join in following any or all of those pages to stay current on release party details and upcoming sequels.

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