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2018: The year of Truth and Discovery

2018 was a year of truth and discovery. Some of those discoveries were devastating and will cause permanent challenges for my family but some have brought a sense of relief and freedom. In ALL of the discoveries, TRUTH is the source of healing and remedy.

In February the discovery was unthinkable and the truth surrounding it is being withheld and denied to protect darkness. This will impede healing for some and completely prevent it for others. Thankfully, my family is conditioned for seeking the positive and out of the ashes of this horrific discovery, a more favorable discovery was made...the discovery of a family’s fortitude and capacity to love and protect.

In March the truth was painful and unbearable when we lost one of our tiniest members but the discovery of her legacy and impact continues. Her life reveals a family’s love and mission to cherish every second and opportunity given, no matter how long or short.

June brought another unexpected discovery. In 2018 our family was enriched with the addition of 4 members, all girls. 2 by birth, 1 by adoption and 1 by a DNA revelation through This discovery was shocking and the truth was painful because it exposed a lifelong betrayal. Abundant self discovery has resulted from this revelation and the truth has brought much freedom to me personally. After the initial anger I was able to identify truths that released me from burdens I carried unnecessarily for my father. I was able to reclaim my unrequited love and transfer it to someone who needed and deserved it, my half-sister. Truth, although painful to accept and embarrassing to reveal or acknowledge, IS freedom!

(This pic and caption was posted in January of 2018, now my ratio is 4 sisters:1brother)

July brought another discovery in the form of a stage 4 cancer diagnosis within our family, an unfair hit on the heels of this monster already claiming one of our own. Once again, an even greater discovery was made in the outpouring of love and support received. At the end of 2018, the prognosis is very positive and we will continue to make memories and experiences in 2019.

As I evaluate each of these 4 experiences I realize that 2 of them were the result of someone’s choices and 2 were not. 2 were rooted in deceit and expose human depravity and it’s potential for harm and 2 are randomly mysterious and expose the human heart and its potential for love. Two very different origins and outcomes but all created a huge impact that will continue to have a ripple effect in our lives. Although I hope 2019 will be gentler and kinder to my family, I know we value the lessons of 2018 and healing will continue despite any lack of cooperation.