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Is it just me? (A series of inquiries to help me feel normal, or to help you feel smart) “psychic ed

As an Uber/Lyft driver I spend a lot of time in my car. Half of that time is in the company of one or more passengers, and the other half is in solitude...alone with my thoughts.

In case you haven’t heard, I LOVE my job! I meet so many interesting people, hear incredible stories and witness an abundance of life experiences. I enjoy every aspect of my “human delivery” career, even the spans of solitude because I use those moments wisely for solving some of life's most difficult problems: politics, religion, relationships, etc. When I'm at peace and there are no internal conflicts or problems to SOLVE, I use that time to CREATE problems...hence the purpose of this series of posts:"Is it just me?", a test to gauge how common my preschool level inquisitiveness is amongst my peers.

ONE of the recurring curiosities that occupies my brain is in questioning the validity and legitimacy of a psychic. My intention isn't to discredit anyone who claims to be a psychic or refute anyone who puts faith in one. This isn't about shaming anyone but myself and my own idiocy.

Disclaimer: I've had limited personal exposure to the psychic profession and naturally have made unfair assumptions based on stereotypes, hysteria, misinformation and negative feedback. I don't know how clairvoyance works. In fact I don't even know if words like psychic, medium, clairvoyant, prophet and soothsayer or interchangeable. I'm a nincompoop. I could easily be educated on all of this but it's not really something I'm passionate about, I just like to entertain myself with my own ignorance. My presumptuous ignorance isn't limited to psychics, I have it towards other professions as well. For example: I assume my hairdresser would never have a bad hair day, that my mechanic should never have car troubles of his own, nor that my dentist would ever have bad teeth.

Ok, I've admitted to a lack of understanding and confessed to being skeptical and wrongfully is where my idiocy goes on full display:

In my Uber travels I often have occasion to drive past a local home business that advertises psychic and astrology reading services by a woman named Mrs. Liza. She has been at this location for many years so I assume she has a reputable and lucrative business. I ALSO assume she should have a certain level of awareness when someone is attempting to communicate with her.

I have this little game I play where I attempt to telepathically communicate with her when I know I will be driving past her location. I tell her that if she will come outside, stand on her front porch and wave as I go by, then I will no longer be a skeptic. I try to be fair about my request, I start communicating several blocks away to give her time in case she isn't dressed, is on the potty or is otherwise unprepared for making a public appearance on a busy street. I've made the request mentally (if I have a passenger in the car), audibly (if I'm alone) and even tried to summon the deceased to deliver the message on my behalf in case her ability is limited to communication with non-earth dwellers.

So far, nothing.

Is it just me, or does anyone else attempt to test the abilities of a psychic? My challenge isn't discriminatory...I tested the abilities of a hairdresser when I gave myself a bad haircut and needed it fixed, I tested the abilities of a mechanic when I cracked my oil pan and sent my alignment out of whack while hopping a curb during an illegal u-turn (that was pre-Uber, no worries), and I tested the abilities of my dentist when I tripped for no apparent reason and cracked 9 of my teeth.