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Sibling ouchery

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Did you ever notice the word "ouch" is in the word, touch? The 1 letter difference may be a coincidence but I'm convinced BOTH words were conceived as the result of sibling rivalry.

Exhibit A: The older sibling in this photo (Flea) often threatens the younger (Fella) with a phrase like, "don't touch my stuff or I'll hurt you".

These 2 adorable cherubs are the poster children for sibling rivalry...and I am the exasperated Gammy that gets to take on the role of judge, jury and warden when their mother puts me in charge of them for any amount of time. Deliberating feuds and negotiating death threats is exhausting...a sense of humor is necessary for my survival. I was reminded of this short story after narrowly escaping insanity during their 2 hour delay before school this morning.

"Fella comes to me from the next room where he had been playing with his big sister. He's tightly gripping his arm and mustering an exaggerated cry so intense he can't form words.

Unaffected by his performance (and because I knew this was the result of a failed tug-o-war over a stuffed bear they had already fought over several times today) I barely look up from what I'm doing and professionally as possible ask:

"What is the purpose of your visit today, sir? tell me that you are injured and need medical attention, to ask me how my day is going OR to get your sister in trouble by convincing me that you are suffering from a mortal wound she inflicted?"

The faux crying stopped immediately because he realized this wasn't Gammy's first rodeo and he was going to have come at me with a dislocated body part next time in order to rattle me.

He'll be back, and I'll be ready".

The only time "Peace" was applicable in their relationship

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