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Short and silly stories from a day in the life of a Gammy

(just a quick explanation: I refer to my grandkids as grandhooligans and have assigned them each a nickname that starts with "F"-Flea, Fella, Finkle, Figgy, Farley and Fini. These are their Facebook indenities which is WHY they start with the letter "F". In reality I refer to them with a different assigned nickname: Squeaky, Tuggy, Channyman, Peanut, Monkeyboy and Bitsy. Confusing? Yes, but I have no idea what their real names are so this is what they get)

Gammy is a sucka incident #405...

My little 2 year old Figgy was on a cleaning spree washing the carpet with a baby wipe. Yes, you're right, that IS odd but she has an aversion to dirt...on her hands, on windows, on the carpet, etc... and her weapon of choice to combat it is a baby wipe. When the wipe gets too dry to continue the task she has learned that rewetting it is more economical than pulling a new wipe out of the pack. (Ok, she's not really THAT fiscally responsible, truth be told her true motivation for extending the usefulness of a baby wipe is driven by her passion for the environment, but I digress...) Typically an adult has to perform the rewetting process for her because she can't reach the sink. My observant little Figgy has witnessed the whole process many times-rewetting and then wringing out the wipe to expel the excess water-because this is a daily activity for her.

TODAY, while the rest of us were distracted, Figgy decided to tackle the rewetting process on her own so that she could her continue cleaning campaign. She had a little trouble with the "wringing out" segment of the process and decided to ask for help from her Gammy.

She came into the living room with a drenched baby wipe and in her cute toddler voice asked me to "squeeze" it for her. I complied without hesitation because I'll pretty much do anything she asks. Then it dawns on me... HOW did she make that baby wipe wet without one of us helping her? I knew the answer before I even completed the the POTTY.

...And now we're both participating in a different kind of cleaning frenzy

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