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How to improve your prayer life....

The inspiration for my "day of prayer".

I don’t know which is worse this time of year…the dread of having to wear my swimsuit in public, or the shock of seeing other people wearing theirs. In spite of that nauseating feeling brought on by the things I see in my own mirror or while people watching at the beach, this is STILL my favorite time of year...but oh how quickly the excitement of summer can fade when you take a 3 year old with a keen ability for stating the obvious to a place where he will observe some very interesting specimens in swim apparel. Over the weekend I had the pleasure of escorting a certain little boy to a birthday party that took place at a State Park with a public swimming area. Fun was had by all; there was swimming, splashing and various forms of aquatic merriment. I found the whole experience to be very spiritual as it greatly improved my prayer life. Many times that day I found myself calling upon the Almighty to intercede by inflicting some sort of temporary blindness upon my 3 year old grandson so that he would be oblivious to some of the sights he would encounter…and if THAT prayer wasn’t answered I would plead with the Most High to bind the tongue of this toddler so that he couldn’t verbally express his observations within earshot of anyone else. I learned a lot about myself during this pleasant outing where various body parts and an abundance of skin were on display in the presence of a little tyke: 1. I learned it takes approximately 2.8 seconds for all the blood to rush to my face when I’m mortified because a certain little boy loudly exclaims,  “she’s REEally big, right Gammy?” when noticing a woman of great girth floating by on a nearly deflated raft. 2. I learned that I am the master of creating a diversion. I can fabricate a tadpole or fish sighting in the water to divert the attention of an observant toddler who is almost guaranteed to proclaim “he’s scary, isn’t he Gammy?” when someone with an abundance of tattoos and piercings is going to come into view. 3. I learned that I can splash water directly into the eyes of an unsuspecting toddler with such precision and accuracy that the saturation will cause him to exit the swim area in search of a towel so that I can avoid answering questions like “ is him a boy or a girl, Gammy?” …a skill I honed when a confused and curious little man encountered a creature I consider “bi-anatomical”…wearing swimming trunks on the bottom but freely exposing an upper half that could warrant the use of a bra. 4. And most importantly I learned that I have an amazing ability to adapt and create an alter ego or was a necessary maneuver when I heard some little blonde haired tot announce “I just pooped” while standing waist deep in a public swimming area. I don’t know who he was, who he belonged to or who was responsible for him. I just knew I had to get the hell out of there and I’m now going by the name Goldie. 

My blonde muse a few years later

another one of my summer fun playmates

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