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The Blonde leading the Blonde

I have this routine I go through with a certain 3 year old. -I tell him he needs to wear shoes to go outside.

- He retrieves said shoes and insists on putting them on himself.

- I observe him putting the first one on the wrong foot and tell him so.

-He switches the shoe to the opposite foot and innocently asks “is this the right foot now?”

-I break into a dissertation about statistics, gambling and playing the odds. I explain, in toddler terms, that he had a 50% chance of getting it right the first time and has only INCREASED his odds of success to 100% on the 2nd attempt. 2 feet, 2 shoes, 2 possible outcomes. 

I just want him to be confident in knowing that he will achieve his goal because I’m one of those annoying people who think EVERY moment is a teachable one. 

I thought we were making progress with this little challenge, that he was fully comprehending the logic and strategy behind it all...until yesterday when he threw a new variable into the equation.

He came outside wearing 2 totally different shoes-ONE with a shoestring, ONE with Velcro, BOTH for the left foot

Perhaps I was aiming too high with this little blonde specimen and he wasn’t quite ready for percentages and things numerical, maybe we’ll focus more on character building moments like accepting defeat and being the last kid picked for the team. Here’s hoping his looks alone will take him places