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Frozen Brain Freeze

I know this is SO 2013, but I still don't know what happens to Anna and Elsa's parents. That's an embarrassing confession considering it’s now 2017 and Frozen is still mandatory viewing twice a week when I find myself in the company of some sweet little princesses.

I've seen this movie more times than I care to admit but I somehow ALWAYS miss the scene about the fate of the King and Queen. Is there a scene? I don't even know, I'm just assuming there is because otherwise Elsa wouldn't be taking over the monarchy. Right?

I’m not sure of my own logic regarding the chain of command in Arendelle, but I AM sure that there is some strategic interference consistently occurring that prevents me from seeing the scene in question. I’m not saying it’s a conspiracy, I’m simply saying it's quite possible that the fate of the parents remains a mystery to me because I routinely get called away to refill sippy cups or mediate a turf war between toddlers.

I recall parents being present at the beginning of the story...a gray area….and then “coronation day” for Elsa. The simple solution to solving my problem would be to “rewind” the movie (or whatever the proper terminology is for reversing the sequence of a movie in this non-VHS era)...but “coronation day” occurs right before THE song...the one that will cause my sweet little princesses to declare a truce on their turf war long enough to sing along with Elsa. If I delay their performance of “Let it go” by backtracking the movie I risk causing a meltdown, or worse, my own death.

I admit that my attention span rivals that of a gnat’s, but I KNOW what happens to all of the other characters in the movie so it’s unfair to blame my inability to focus. Any help to end this query would be greatly appreciated, I’ll just be over here polishing the princesses’ crowns until someone responds. Thanks.