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Hello and welcome to Blondie’s Briefs, the home of all things Brassie Kinson. On this site you will find information about my erotic romance novel, Dear Eve.

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About Me

My affinity for writing developed early in life and grew into a full-blown passion with the explosion of social media. These virtual communities provided an avenue for expressing myself and I used it to terrorize followers with inappropriate posts and self-deprecating stories. Eventually, I decided to use my powers for good and launched a blog to feature short, witty and relatable stories. Somewhere between the “briefs,” I authored a full-length story inspired by events and experiences from my own life.

I am currently working on a sequel and hope to launch a series of entertaining works of fiction. In addition to this page, I can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Goodreads, Amazon, and Pinterest.

My Book, Dear Eve

Succumbing to desire isn't a modern misdeed, it's an ancient game of warfare between pleasure and pain. Eve played it first in the Garden of Eden and her legacy continues in Christine Roberts. Eve's nemesis was a piece of fruit and a snake full of encouragement. Christine's is forbidden involvement with a man while stuck in an unfulfilling marriage. Temptation never gets old, it only gets more seductive.

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A goddess is born and discontentment dies in this relatable tale of self-discovery. Christine Roberts is quickly approaching the “midlife” age bracket and experiencing all the typical rewards and regrets associated with it. Her adult life has followed a traditional path-marriage, career and starting a family. But when the pillars of her identity as a mother and wife begin to crumble, she decides to reinvent herself. This awakening exposes her to new temptations but also reveals new potential. Christine soon encounters an irresistible and married man from her past and together they discover a new realm of sensual pleasure. The thrill of their forbidden relationship becomes erotically addictive and their reckless behavior quickly leads to danger.


Praise for Dear Eve


Amazing read !!! “Dear Eve” is a fabulous book .... go get yours NOW!!! Brassie Kinson will not disappoint you!!! Her writing style draws you in to this seductive forbidden lust story and keeps you wanting more 💃🏻💜🍾 Trust me ! This is a MUST READ !!! Oh and that ending...😳 can’t wait for the sequel!! pffffttt 50 shades of what???"

Verified Amazon Review - shelly bunch

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